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Welcome to the Veterans Summit!

Veterans Summit

presented by the Trauma-Sensitive Awareness Foundation, Inc.

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Duane France, MA, MBA, LPC

Author, Podcast Host, & Clinical

Mental Health Counselor

Sergeant First Class

U.S. Army, Retired

TOPIC: Suicide Prevention in

the Military

Dr. Eduardo Duran, PhD

Author, Psychologist, Healer,

Teacher & Storyteller

Special Operations U.S. Navy

TOPIC: Healing the Soul Wound

Dr. Edward Tick, PhD

Author, War and the Soul &

Warrior’s Return Psychotherapist,

World-renowned Expert on

Veteran Trauma

TOPIC: Trauma, Moral Injury, &

Soul Retrieval

Irene Lyon, MSc

Nervous System Expert &

Somatic Practitioner

TOPIC: Trauma & the Nervous


Rev. Rick Iannucci

Co-Founder, Horses For Heroes –

New Mexico, Inc.

U.S. Army Green Beret

U.S. Marshals Special Operations

Group, Retired

TOPIC: Post Traumatic Spiritual


"The Other Side of PTSD"

& How Horses Heal

Robin Carnes, MBA

Co-Founder, Warriors at Ease

Certified Yoga Therapist,

iRest Meditation Senior Teacher

& Trainer

TOPIC: Trauma, Sleep,

Stress Relief

iRest Meditation

Yoga Therapy

Scott Jensen

Former Chief of the Marine

Corps’ Behavioral Program


U.S. Marine Corps, Retired

TOPIC: Sexual Assault

Prevention & Response

in The Military

Dr. Sean Mulvaney, MD

World-renowned Authority &

Active Researcher on SGB

(Stellate Ganglion Block)

U.S. Navy SEAL, Retired

& U.S. Army Physician,

in Special Ops, Retired


(Stellate Ganglion Block)

Scott Mann

Lieutenant Colonel

Green Beret

Special Forces & Special


U.S. Army, Retired  

TOPIC: Scott’s Play

Last Out: Elegy of A Green Beret

"Doc" Shauna Springer, Ph.D

Psychologist, Author, &

Nationally Recognized Expert

on PTS & Veterans’ Emotional


TOPIC: Trauma, PTS, & SGB

(Stellate Ganglion Block)

Nancy De Santis, EGCM

Co-Founder, Horses For Heroes –

New Mexico, Inc.

Founder, Wisdom Way For Warriors

Certified Trauma Professional

Certified Equine Gestalt Coach

TOPIC: Post Traumatic Spiritual  


"The Other Side of PTSD"

& How Horses Heal

Monty Mann

Co-Founder, The Heroes Journey

& Executive Producer

Last Out: Elegy of A Green Beret

TOPIC: Military Families

Lane Lamoreaux

Educator, Photographer

Mentor, Twin Brother,

& Former Smokejumper

Machine Gunner

U.S. Marine Corps

TOPIC: Trauma & Resilience

Mary Cortani

Founder, Operation Freedom Paws

Women’s Army Corp, U.S. Army

Former Army Master Instructor of

Canine Education

TOPIC: Canine Therapy &

Service Dogs

Justin Miller

Co-Founder, Objective Zero

Staff Sargent

U.S. Army, Retired

TOPIC: C-PTS, Peer Support,

& Objective Zero

Kate Dahlstedt, MA

Author, Psychotherapist,

Founder, Soldier’s Heart

Women & War Project

TOPIC: Women in the Military

Andrew Marr, MBA

Co-Founder, Warrior Angels


Author, Entrepreneur

Special Forces Green Beret

U.S. Army, Retired

TOPIC: Traumatic Brain Injury

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, MD

Author, The Body Keeps the Score

Psychiatrist, Researcher, Educator &

World-renowned Trauma Expert

TOPIC: Trauma & PTS

Darrell Hammond

Author, American Actor

Stand-Up Comedian &


TOPIC: Cracked Up,

The Darrell Hammond Story

Trauma, Mental Injury, & ACEs

(Adverse Childhood Experiences)

Amy L. Franck, BS

Founder, Never Alone Advocacy

Level IV Military Sexual

Assault Victim Advocate &

Forensic Interviewer

TOPIC: Sexual Trauma,

Harassment, & Abuse

in the Military

22 one-hour interviews

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