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Welcometo the Veterans Summit!

About the Trauma-Sensitive Awareness Foundation

Jane Dickerson is a mental health advocate and the President & Founder of the Trauma-Sensitive Awareness Foundation

Jane Dickerson President & Founder

Jane Dickerson has been a mental health advocate for nearly 20 years and has dedicated her philanthropic work to the area of emotional trauma. She has a passion for alleviating the suffering of others, and endeavors to educate the public about the effects of trauma and how it can be healed. During her varied career, Jane worked at ABC News for 10 years as legendary journalist David Brinkley’s Administrative Coordinator. Jane then worked for 10 years in publishing as the managing editor of numerous craft magazines and special issue publications. She also freelanced as the technical editor of several best-selling jewelry-making books. In addition, Jane was the author/coauthor of multiple Amazon best-selling jewelry-making books. For more information, contact tsaf.org@gmail.com.


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