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Welcome to the Veterans Summit!

Veterans Summit

Monty Mann

Co-Founder, The Heroes Journey

& Executive Producer,Last Out: Elegy of A Green Beret

Monty Mann and her husband retired Green Beret, Lt. Col. Scott Mann, co-founded The Heroes Journey organization after their experiences during Scott's transition out of the U.S. Army. The Heroes Journey is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization of Warriors and Civilians with a passion for storytelling. Every year, hundreds of thousands of veterans and first responders transition from service into civilian life. It's a challenging time that often results in loss of identity and changes so significant it seems like they are changing planets.  


For our warriors to live the life of prosperity they deserve, they must rediscover their voice and tell their story. That is the Mission of The Heroes Journey. Working directly with veterans, first responders, and their families, The Heroes Journey provides support and education as warriors find their voice and tell their own hero’s story of transitioning from mission completion to responsibilities at home and in the community. The Heroes Journey reconnects warriors and civilians, at a community level, for a better America.  


As a military spouse and parent, Monty has also co-authored two books, Mommy Keeps Us Free and Daddy Keeps Us Free, to help children cope with the fear, anxiety, and big feelings that come along with a parent being deployed, and also to help them feel like they are part of the mission.  


In addition, Monty is the Executive Producer of the theatrical production of Scott’s Play, Last Out: Elegy of A Green Beret, which is currently available On Demand on the Fox Entertainment Channel. Scott directed, produced, and stars in the play, along with a cast and production crew comprised of nearly all veterans.

Monty Mann

Co-Founder, The Heroes Journey

& Executive Producer,Last Out: Elegy of A Green Beret


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